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WTP Investment & Services is involved in helping Individuals, Families, and Entrepreneurs to set up their life in Portugal. Our job is more than punctual actions of Pay-mastering services, opening bank accounts, or the simple creation of a business and the registration of an address, but a real follow-up of our client over the long term.

WPT-Investment & Services provides financial services, guidance regarding real estate, and administrative assistance, up to the complete follow-up of the Golden Visa, which saves our customers a lot of time, energy and prevents stress. When we commit to working with a client, we become partners and lend our full support behind their efforts to succeed in their transition as new residents or investors in the country. Contact us to learn more about our solutions and the latest news and offers.

WTP-Investment & Services was founded after years of travel and meetings with entrepreneurs and their families, living all over the world. They have the ability to settle in different places, developing their business, while offering a harmonious living environment to their own. Even though they all have different goals and desires, facing the same difficulties and uncertainties, generally not knowing where to start. Rich of our experience, we decided to meet and to help these entrepreneurs and their families to turn their own ideas and visions into successful stories by using our networking and guidance.


For details about our services, assistance, investment proposals, as well as our level of involvement, get in touch with us and Welcome To Portugal.

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Geoffrey BOYER - Founder

As our Managing Director, Geoffrey helps to keep our operations and finances in check. As a previous entrepreneur, Geoffrey provides overall coordination of the work process and corporate strategy. Also, he determines the policy of interaction with our partners.

Languages: French, English and Spanish

Tel: +351.968.231.337

Taisia TARARYKOVA -Founder

With a background in international and civil law, Taisia takes care of all administrative and legal issues. She is also responsible for the interaction with our customers, marketing strategy and carries out the overall development of the business.

Languages: Russian, French, English and Portuguese

Tel: +351.963.775.772

Romain JACOBY - Partner

With 30 years of experience within the private banking industry in Luxembourg, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Romain is today in charge of providing all banking and financial services to our clients.

Languages: German, French and  English

Tel: +41.76.489.83.26

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