NHR Status

The NHR regime is special personal income tax regime. It is focused on 2 sets of people: retirees that are receiving pensions from overseas and professionals that are either employed or self-employed, some of the professions accepted are: directors or company managers, doctors, architects, engineers, artists, university managers and other professions of similar stature. Expats who occupy a "high added value" profession profit for 10 years from a maximal fixed tax rate of 20%. The others are, however, subject to the classic grid, which goes from 14.5% to 48%.The programme was created in 2009 and updated in 2013 to reflect that pensions would be tax free. 

To resume NHR status:

  • Limited tax up to 20% on all Portuguese sourced employment and self-employment income incomes;

Almost all foreign sourced income:

  • 0% tax on pension

  • 0% tax on dividend (DTT)

  • 0% tax in royalties

High Net Worth Individual (HNWI)

Large fortunes can benefit from special tax packages that can go down to 6-8%, which Swiss people like to call "financial package". The difference is that in Switzerland the package is fixed and cannot be revisited if the fortune drops down for one reason or another, while in Portugal it remains rectifiable, if the fortune is seen too seriously amputated by this package, following a significant decline of it. 

By becoming Portuguese non habitual residents, the UHNWI’s are able to accrue their wealth in a white listed friendly tax environment, todispose of their assets bene ting fromtax exemptions, to pass on their wealth or estate without inheritance or gift taxes and/or to enjoy their retirement without tax leakage on their pensions.



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