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Paymaster Services


We are not lawyers and we are not a bank We are providing this service by using our promoter accounts with our bank partners. Our clients are companies and institutions who trade internationally with commodities, bank instruments or agricultural products who need reliable partners until they develop the right structure or bank partner within the country. The payments of fees and commissions must be handled quite safely and on time around the world. Legal requirements, international compliance needs and regulations must be observed and taken into account carefully. WTP-Investment & Services offer fast and cost-effective solutions, by using the right partners, banks and lawyers.


Please note and read carefully before contacting us! We get hundreds of paymaster service requests every week! Unfortunately, 60-70 % of all inquiries are not closed deals or are based on frauds! If you are not sure, please use a cyber-crime fraud check, to avoid spending further costs, time and energy. IMPORTANT! A paymaster contract implicates ALL parties: Sender, Receiver and Mediators (if any). We get many requests from mediators who like to save their commissions by a paymaster agreement. This is OK, but the main contract has to be closed between SENDER and RECEIVER of the funds. So, if you are a mediator please advise the sender or receiver to contact us. It makes no sense to order a paymaster agreement where the sender and receiver are not involved. By international money laundering laws we are obligated to present due diligence for each transaction to the banks, money laundering authorities and the tax authorities of some countries. THERE IS NO WAY to execute or accept a mandate which is not covered by due diligence! As authorized paymaster, we know the procedures and guarantee a safe and legal transaction. Only with a professional, well-prepared and documented due diligence funds transfers are possible! Otherwise, funds will be blocked and money laundering or anti-terrorism authorities will act against ALL parties.

Structuring and executing payment transactions

Experienced traders, such as buyers and sellers, agents, brokers and intermediaries use our services as an independent international bank account in located in Europe (Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Lithuania...). Acting independently as a neutral third party on behalf of all partners involved, WTP-Investment & services will support you to build deeper trust with your business partners.

If you just need a worldwide money transfer service let us know.

In you need an authorized and registered Lawyers / Attorneys we will be please to orient you towards one of our partners to supports you immediately and in the long run of international businesses and financial transactions.

This facilitation of large payments provides more security, reliability and confidence in your worldwide commodities, agricultural and financial instruments traded. WTP-Investment & services Paymaster Services in Europe (Portugal) can support your long-term sustainable growth.

Upon request and as part of our international legal advisory services, we also accept mandates about drafting and tailoring all contracts and agreements.

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